Much ado about bug spray

blood suckerI went to the Austin Shakespeare Festival at Zilker Park yesterday. The free event was outdoors, so I had to bring a blanket to sit on to protect my bum from the bugs. After my pink Hello Kitty blankie was mocked, the Offskintastic was passed through the group. I had reason to fervently snag that bottle. If a mosquito is within a seven-mile radius, she will find me and attempt to feed. However, I declined. For what reason would I do such a thing? I have this theory that bug repellant is like human sauce to mosquitos. The times when I don’t wear bug spray, they suck my blood. The times when I spray it on, they suck my blood. Why bother spraying chemicals on my skin, long-term side effects on me unknown? Plus, it seems like after years of use, mosquitos would develop some sort of human smell sense. Is it that they smell sweat, or blood, or bug spray to determine where they will insert their proboscis? If they detect us by sweat scent, then spraying this stuff on my skin would do no good being that in Texas, standing outside for more than two minutes will make your sweat glands cry uncle. Then the spray runs… and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ they find you, slurping your blood and probably drinking the spray like whipped cream on a coffee. mmmm. To spray or not to spray, that is the question.


An olde’ but goody

Nothing is more outside in Austin than the Greenbelt. Most Austinites have been or at least heard of it. So here is a reminder or a wake up call to those who have never been: the Greenbelt is a great place to go if you want to get outside.

It stretches about 8 miles long and covers 809 acres. You can bike, hike, picnic, swim, sun bathe and basically everything else you can think of that is outside.  I personally like hiking through the trails or sun bathing by a waterfall. It is nature at its best! You can find map information here

The best part is that it is free!!! However, some advice, the entry off of S. Mopac is very beautiful and a family place during the weekend, although still nice on the weekdays, just know it will “smell like weed” in some spots…if you catch my drift. 

ACL 2008

ACL isn’t for another 5 months but it’s in Austin and it’s outside and the line-up was just released today.

There aren’t as many BIG names (in my limited music opinion) as there were last year but that may make it easier for those who were alot more torn choosing between headlining acts.

Personally, I’m excited to see:

Foo Fighters

Gnarls Barkley

Iron & Wine

Mates of State


Erykah Badu

G. Love

Manu Chao

and my friend’s band, The Jimmies

What are your thoughts?

A throwback to childhood fantasies

If you are ever bored on campus and it’s really hot or you feel like recreating a scene from “Blank Check,” I suggest checking out the fountain in East mall like these two did:


Find what kind of jogger you are by taking our quiz.

Bear with me on this one. I promise I’m going somewhere. Town Lake or Lady Bird whatever is like a high school cafeteria for joggers. Each section is split by cliques. At 17 miles around, the lake encompasses some pretty diverse areas, and you can find your status by where you jog.

            Ready? I am.

“I jog along riverside between pleasant valley and 35.”

            You are pretty ghetto or a loner, but you are also jogging to get exercise. We know that if you jog over here you are not trying to impress anyone since there is nobody to impress. Also risking assault by looking at someone wrong is commendable. You will be fit but not have many friends running over here.

“I jog along riverside between 35 and Lamar.”

            You are either a parent or socialite or you are showing off your new spandex. Parents like this area because it is always clean, there is a good view, and the crowd is usually sparse. You have a medium commitment to exercise. You really want to be outside enjoying the experience.

“I jog in Zilker.”

            Die. You aren’t here to exercise. You jog here to show off, pick up a date, or get picked up. Also, those fat guys, or tools, who have never jogged before love to pack the track here. The level of dedication is zero here, except for the girls who run to show off. I’m basing this off the fact that it takes 20 mins to park and actually get to the track. You cannot keep a steady pace because of all the dogs, bums, and strollers packing the track. However there are good people that jog THROUGH the park. Hopefully the girls don’t stop jogging there, otherwise it’ll be a sausage fest.


Did I miss anyone?




The Story of Stuff

This isn’t about the outdoors, but it’s a must-see video! 

Segway Tours of Austin

On a two-wheeled transportation device, Austin Segway Tours provides both city and nature voyages.  The futuristic device, unveiled in 2001, stands far from the typical form of transportation, traveling as fast as 12.5 mph.